City of San Jose Hold's 'Public Life' Study Session, Public Invited

From the City of San Jose's Office of Economic Development:

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We are excited to announce that on Thursday, March 22 the San Jose City Council will hold a ‘Study Session’ on the topic of Public Life from 1:30-4:30 PM in the San Jose City Council Chambers

The purpose of the Study Session is to share our experience from the last few years working intentionally to improve public life, to show how more aligned investment could make a measurable difference in achieving important city goals, and to demonstrate and build support for our shared public life ambition. Here is a link to the memo announcing the Study Session.

We invite you to attend the Study Session, and to share why public life matters to you in the Public Comment period.

We will be joined in the Study Session by leaders from Gehl Architects. Knight Foundation recently funded Gehl Architects to invest in some special training for city staff on how to measure and nurture public life. This City staff training will be followed by a special workshop with Public Life Partners like you on Friday, May 25, from 9AM-12PM.

Please help us get the word out about the March 22 Study Session and the May 25 workshop to others who may be interested. While we in city government have a role to play, we know that the best public life happens when people like you step up, care, and create!