2018 Nonprofit of the Year: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County The Silicon Valley Organization

For over 62 years, this organization has worked to build a just and compassionate community by alleviating, preventing, and reducing poverty.

Their motto is changing lives for good and by assisting over 54,000 people a year – people of all cultures and beliefs – they certainly live up to it.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara Counties takes a holistic approach to helping people, taking into account the whole person as well as their family and life situation.

By providing job skills training, job placement, older adult services, mental health and substance abuse counseling they work to address the root cause of poverty.

During last year’s devastating floods in San Jose, Catholic Charities jumped into action, serving 217 households and over 632 individuals. They provided car purchasing assistance, disaster case management, financial assistance and mental and spiritual assistance in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Once again focusing on the holistic approach of servicing all aspects affected by the flood.

We are proud to have them in our community and happy to present our Nonprofit of the Year award to Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

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