The SVO Praises Decision to Accept Single Bore Tunneling Method for BART Phase II

San Jose, Calif.--The Silicon Valley Organization is pleased with the decision made by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to recommend the single-bore tunneling option for the BART Phase II project and the receptive response by BART to adopt.

"The SVO has been an advocate for this tunneling approach and applauses this decision," said Matt Mahood, President & CEO, The Silicon Valley Organization. "Not only will this ensure that San Jose connects this integral transportation line through its downtown to Diridon Station but will simultaneously do so through innovative tunneling that allows our downtown businesses to continue to thrive."

BART’s extension to San Jose presents an incredible economic development opportunity that will support increased public transit options between job centers and housing sites. If this project is done right, it will promote business expansion, ease traffic congestion, and encourage higher-density housing projects throughout Silicon Valley. By choosing the single bore option, we avoid cut-and-cover construction in Downtown San Jose that would leave Santa Clara Street, between Market and Third, closed for multiple years. This single-bore tunneling decision will reduce impacts on any business that primarily operates in the downtown urban core.

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