San Jose Mayor gives thumbs-up to company hiring homeless and marginalized

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San Jose Mayor to tour company that hires the homeless and marginalized PeopleShores turns young adults into high-tech professionals

San Jose, Calif. - San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo will join various business and community leaders on May 3 to recognize PeopleShores, a pioneering business that employs homeless and marginalized young adults in career-track, high-tech jobs that pay livable wages in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Mayor Liccardo will visit PeopleShores’ offices at 150 Charcot Avenue, San Jose on Thursday, May 3 during a celebration with young adults who have learned and prospered in the PeopleShores' program. The Mayor is expected to reiterate his support for expanding the City of San Jose’s successful public-private partnership with the company, helping curb homelessness while bolstering and diversifying the city’s workforce. 

In partnership with PeopleShores, the city's Work2Future program has helped fund job training leading directly to full-time, livable wage employment for young adults recruited from homeless shelters and other Bay Area safety-net programs. PeopleShores is expected to provide career-track, livable wage employment to nearly 50 young people by the end of this year. 

PeopleShores is aiming to employ hundreds of marginalized youth in San Jose, then expand the program into cities throughout the United States. 

The PeopleShores’ strategy is based on a scalable business in India pioneered by RuralShores, an Indian company that has recruited thousands of employees from poor, rural communities. They emply them at centers throughout India where they work technically-oriented jobs for companies in the United States and beyond. 

PeopleShores is a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation. It is the first and only impact sourcing company in the Bay Area. It trains its employees for any number of sophisticated and human-intensive jobs including image processing, data collection and analysis, software testing, web services and AI training.

Impact sourcing is term coined by the Rockefeller Foundation for outsourcing centers that primarily employ the socioeconomically disadvantaged. Corporations have found local impact sourcing to have financial and security advantages— as well as aid in corporate social responsibility goals. 

PeopleShores was founded in San Jose in 2017 by Murali Vullaganti, the founder of RuralShores, the largest impact sourcing company in India. Vullaganti believes a Silicon Valley-based impact sourcing company like PeopleShores is a missing link in efforts to end homelessness in the Bay Area and beyond. 

“We aren’t building houses,” Vullaganti said, “But we are giving promising young adults a much needed professional career path so they can afford homes on their own. Most of our employees who were staying at the shelter homes six months ago now have leased their own apartments."

For more information about PeopleShores and Impact Sourcing, contact David Ciaffardini at or by phone or txt at 805-710-4427.