Open Letter and Public Apology

To our esteemed members, partners and community:

Last week, we sent out an email to our membership regarding our stance on women. In an attempt to explain where we stood, we inadvertently caused harm. We are sorry.

Our words diminished the severity of a sexual harassment claim and did not reflect the spirit and values of The SVO. This was not right and we apologize. Our commitment to women and the issues that affect them in the workplace does not end with this apology. In fact, it has become clear that we have more work to do. We invite you to be a part of the conversation.

Our members, partnerships and coalitions span a diverse group of professionals in Silicon Valley. With their support, we will continue to work towards a Silicon Valley that is the best place for everyone to live, work, play, raise a family, and start, own and manage a business.




Matthew R. Mahood

President & CEO


Lennies Gutierrez

2018 SVO Board Chair


Tracey Enfantino

2018 SVO PAC Board Chair