2018 Leadership San Jose: Ben Lemke

Ben Lemke Leadership San Jose

Name: Ben Lemke

Company: Tech CU

Ben Lemke was born and raised throughout the South Bay.  Having spent most of his life merely observing the effects of local government, he values the opportunity to make an impact and wants to know how the proverbial sausage is made.

Ben attended UC Berkeley to be a student of the past (B.A. in History), worked in special education at the Morgan Autism Center, traveled coast-to-coast to learn a new trade (J.D. at Boston University), met the love of his life (who happened to live way back in San Jose), practiced law as a civil litigation attorney (jokes welcome), and currently helps ensure the safety and soundness of a ten branch financial institution in the Enterprise Risk Management department of Technology Credit Union.

Ben’s wife (Lisa, a Leadership San Jose alum and Development Director at the Morgan Autism Center), step son (Jeremiah, less than 3 years from being a full-fledged adult) and three dogs (one big, two little, half-a-brain combined) round out his life and provide inspiration.

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