SVO Foundation Kicks Off 3rd Series of Women Engaged!

18_Women Engaged (2).jpg

I am excited to announce the 3rd Women Engaged Series.

This series builds upon the success of the past two series, first launched in 2017.

We have expanded the Women Engaged series to highlight women who are pushing the envelope in our for-profit and nonprofit communities.

The series continues as salon-style conversations that allow for a lot of dialogue and networking, and a call for action.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know interesting, bold, risk-taking women who are making an impact in our community every day.

This series highlights those women, the ones who have pushed the boundaries, who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who are leaders in their field. I want you to get to know these women too.

Women Engaged! creates an opportunity for women to connect outside of their day to day work environment.

Come join me for one or more events. Register for the kick-off event here.


Margaret Tamisiea is the Interim Director of Community Development at the SVO Foundation.