The SVO is Pleased to Share Two Regional Advocacy Wins

#AdvocacyMatters The Silicon Valley Organization

We are pleased to share that two regional projects, supported by The SVO, recently gained approval.

The South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project or SB 881 will be included in the $177 million promised by the Federal Government as part of its Disaster Supplemental Funding.

This project impacts Silicon Valley because it aims at building this shoreline project between the Alviso Slough and Coyote Creek.

The second project seeing forward momentum is the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project. Under Proposition 1, this project will be awarded $484.55 million - the full amount sought - to expand Pacheco Reservoir’s storage capacity from the existing 5,500 to 140,000 acre-feet capacity.

The SVO joined a coalition of 59 environmental, community, non-profit and business organizations, and elected leaders