Member Post: Amp up your parking with new EV chargers

Pacific Gas and Electric EV Chargers

PG&E's Electric Vehicle Charge Network (EVCN) is helping to accelerate California's transition to a clean transportation future by offering electric vehicle charger installation in PG&E's service territory.

PG&E is working hard to ensure that Californians can charge up their electric vehicles where they work and live. Specifically, the program is targeted at installing chargers at workplaces, office complexes, and multi-unit dwellings such as apartment complexes. I believe the program makes sense for you to consider for the following reasons:

PG&E pays for the infrastructure to supply electricity to each EV parking space, and for a portion of the charging equipment – which can often offset 60%-80% of the total project cost.

In addition to getting 60-80% of the total project cost covered by PG&E (valued at approximately $100,000), program participants will:

  • You get hands-on assistance from experienced PG&E professionals through the planning, installation and activation process.

  • Attract and retain employees or tenants by offering electric vehicle charging at your workplace or multi-unit dwelling.

  • Program participants can bill drivers or offer charging for free. You will also have the flexibility to define access to the chargers, making them available to employees, fleet vehicles or the public.

  • Position your organization as a leader in sustainability and innovation, and advance your own sustainability goals.

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity.

Get started today.

This post was sponsored by PG&E.