2019 Leadership San Jose: Adam Burger

19_Leadership San Jose Collateral (6).png

Adam has been part of the San Jose community for 34 years, a transit rider for 22 years, a transportation professional for 16 years and a Downtown San Jose resident for 12 years.  He is a Senior Transportation Planner at the Valley Transportation Authority where he seeks to achieve more inclusive, equitable and sustainable outcomes by improving transit service in Santa Clara County.

At VTA, Adam is a project manager for the planning stage of transit infrastructure projects and has played a leading or advisory role in several efforts to improve the design, appeal and cost-effectiveness of transit.


Adam is excited to be part of Leadership San Jose and is hoping to use this opportunity to contribute to solutions to the unaffordable and inequitable outcomes that have resulted from past city growth decisions.


Outside of work, Adam likes to cook, travel, think about urban planning and occasionally talk himself into running half-marathons.  He is working to improve his Spanish while picking up Korean, the latter of which has imbued him with an extensive and unintentional knowledge of k-pop.  He possesses a bachelor’s degree in political science from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree in transportation management from San Jose State University.