Call to Action on Item 4.5 (6/25/19): Do not delay the extension of the San Jose Downtown High-Rise Fee Feasibility Study


Item 4.5 to add additional requirements on private workforce development standards is follow through to the April 3, 2018 Council direction to create said standards.

The SVO’s concern lays in the details of delaying a feasibility study on downtown development absent the extension of the current Downtown High-Rise Fee Reduction program which will expire soon. Some Councilmembers want to delay the feasibility study due to a proposed breach of prior Council direction to first come up with a list of consultants to implement said study prior to the current usage of an existing consultant that City staff believes is in alignment with both Council direction as well as City policy.

If the feasibility study is delayed, then the Downtown High-Rise Fee Reduction Program remains expired for a longer period of time before possible extension by the City Council, and thus places various housing projects at risk which could result in over 3,500 housing units not coming to fruition in downtown San Jose.

The SVO is opposed to this delay and urges our members to advocate to the Mayor and City Council by:

- Showing up today and speaking during public comment on Item 4.5 in favor of Mayor Sam Liccardo's memo (we estimate sometime after 3pm, check the comments below for live updates)

- Emailing the Mayor at

- CC all of the Councilmembers at (fill in the numbers 1 through 10)

Here is a template email for you to use:

Dear Honorable Mayor and City Councilmembers,

I write to you today to advocate in support of Mayor Sam Liccardo’s memo on Item 4.5: Private Development Workforce Standards.

Specifically, I urge you to not delay the downtown high-rise fee feasibility study. If the study is delayed, over 3,500 homes could be placed at risk of not being built. We desperately need these housing units to address our lack of supply and in turn our affordability of housing units within the region.

I urge you to support Mayor Sam Liccardo’s memo on Item 4.5. Thank you for your support.