Federal Legislation: S. 1034 – Agricultural Worker Program Act

The Agricultural Worker Program Act would allow many undocumented farm workers and their family members the opportunity to earn legal immigration status and citizenship. Under the Agricultural Worker Program Act, farm workers who have worked in agriculture for at least 100 days in each of the past two years may earn lawful “blue card” status.

Local Elementary School Presents on Immigration to SVO Staff

Horace Mann Elementary School, an International Baccalaureate Program, Coordinator Ramón Sánchez joined three students on Wednesday, May 24, as part of the group's exhibition. Students in the class choose their topic, do research, present their findings and then take action.

The SVO Urges President Trump to Support BRIDGE ACT

While the BRIDGE Act does not provide a pathway to citizenship it does allow immigrants to continue contributing to the American economy. This temporary three-year legislative fix would allow hard working immigrants to continue working, paying taxes, buying homes, taking out loans, and enrolling in our education systems. These factors translate into state revenue, increased consumer purchasing power, and a healthy robust workforce.