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How Employers Can Engage

Thank you for your interest in hiring an intern!

The 2018 summer internship program has concluded. 

Please email us at strives@thesvo.com to be notified when the next program commences.  Check out our FAQ and other resources (Employer Quick Guide, Job Descriptions, Example Intern Tasks) to learn more about the internship program.  

strive san jose engagement continuom

There are over 430,000 youth in Santa Clara County.  

Your company can make a difference in the lives of Silicon Valley students and shape your future talent! There are a number of engagement opportunities, varying in time, commitment, and impact.

Become a Strive San Jose industry partner and introduce San Jose students to your business and industry through job shadows, guest speakers, industry projects, industry field trips, advisory boards and more.

Strive San Jose is leading the way to make connections between businesses and other community organizations building career pathways in Silicon Valley.