Silicon Valley CareerPath Internship FAQs

The 2018 Silicon Valley CareerPath Internship is a partnership between the City of San Jose's San Jose Works Program and the SVO Foundation's Strive San Jose initiative. High school interns work for 100 hours in paid summer internships that align with their career pathways at no cost to employers.

San Jose Works is a summer employment program sponsored by the Mayor's office. Strive San Jose is a workforce intermediary, connecting industry and education to create pathways to careers. By working together, Strive San Jose can focus on engaging and preparing employers to offer internships and San Jose Works can support interns' training and provide for paid internships.


How are interns selected?

Students who are eligible for the Silicon Valley CareerPath internship program are high schoolers enrolled in Career Technical Education coursework.

Students are required to complete and/or submit the following:

Each part of the application is scored using a grading scale. Students with the highest scores are invited to participate in pre-internship training.

Staff will recommend students for placement with specific employers, based on the skills and experience required and location of the company/organization. Employers will then interview candidates June 11-13, 2018 and make their selection.

For a reference of all the students eligible to apply to our program, please see our district partners' Career Technical Education (CTE) enrollment for this school year, by industry sector.



Students eligible for the Silicon Valley CareerPath internship program are high schoolers enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE)  coursework within our partner school districts.

  • Refer to the Student Enrollment by Industry Sector image (below) reflecting CTE student enrollment by school district and industry sector.
  • Students study many different career pathways within each industry sector and seek internships in industry sector or career pathway.
  • For specific career pathways that best align to your business and / or industry, please contact the Strive team.

In alignment with student enrollment, our priority industry sectors for internships this summer are:

  • Arts, Media & Entertainment
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Health Science & Medical Technology

Due to the workforce shortage in manufacturing and building trades, we’ve included these as priority sectors too:  

  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Building Trades & Construction


What is the difference between an internship and a summer job?  

The intent of an internship is that the intern learns while contributing to a business/organization. There is a strong emphasis on training and experiential learning. While the company benefits from having an intern, the primary benefit lies with the intern who learns skills and gain awareness of careers that they are not yet qualified to work in

A part-time position or summer job is different in that there is not a focus on experiential learning. The company benefits from the work much more than the employee. If your opportunity is more aligned to being a job rather than an internship, we can refer you to our community partners providing job opportunities for youth.  


What are the dates?

We are currently seeking internship host companies for Summer 2018 (June-July).

Students typically work 10-20 hours per week for a total of 100 hours. Specific work hours are negotiable and can be determined by the student and internship supervisor. For example if your office is usually closed for the fourth of July holiday and you want to shift more hours to other weeks this is something you should discuss with your intern and case manager.


How do student interns travel to my worksite location?

Interns are responsible for their own transportation to your employers’ office locations (worksites). Thanks to donations we are usually able to support interns with gas cards or VTA passes.

What employers are eligible?

To be eligible an employer business must be a member in good standing at The Silicon Valley Organization, have proof of insurance, a physical location where the internship will occur, and be offering an internship related to our priority sectors.

While the work2future Foundation is the employer of record and covers workers compensation for interns, we do require all worksites to have insurance that covers their workers.

We want internships to be an opportunity for interns to expand their professional networks so we do not currently take internships that involve mostly remote work or sole proprietors working in home offices.

Internships are aligned to students’ career pathway coursework. That means we place students in either a role or company that matches up with their pathway. For example, that means if a student is studying Information & Communication Technology we try and place them in either an IT company, in an IT department, or in an internship role that is focused on IT.

Priority industry sectors for this summer are:

  • Health Science & Medical Technology
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Building Trades & Construction
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Business & Finance

Remember, even if your company doesn’t fall in one of these sectors, you can still take an intern if you have a relevant intern project.


What support will I/my company receive?

Interns are assigned case managers from the work2future Foundation. Case managers will visit worksites and are available to support interns.

Prior to the internship you will participate in a brief training on best practices for constructing a great internship. Examples of successful past intern projects can be found here


Are interns paid?

Yes, thanks to the San Jose Works program and the Mayor’s office, interns are paid for the duration of the summer internship. Paid internships are better than unpaid internships because they reflect the value interns are providing and make sure these opportunities are available to more students. The cost of providing an internship is about $2000 per intern.

If you would like to make a donation to support the Silicon Valley CareerPath Internship program and ensure this program continues year over year, please email